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Currently nobody can signup for an account on the pydza website and trac because user authentication in made internally at linux lab trough our LDAP infrastructure. We need to port the authentication to the website MySQL database. Or we can create the account on the ldap and thus make the pydza account a valid "linux lab account" on the future linux lab website, but i'm not a fan of this solution, technically speaking.

Only Pydza account or Pydza account that is also a linux lab account (no ads, no spam, etc but a unique account trough all future linux lab projects) ?


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I'd go for the MySQL database. I'm not keen on coupling external accounts with the laboratory's LDAP directory.

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singup page ok ( http://pydza.labo-linux.org/backend.php/register ). Actually, only restricted users can register. MySQL database. see r406

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